Competition Guidelines

Soloist, Chamber Ensemble, and Duo Groups may apply.
Competition is open to all instrumentalists and vocalists.
 MAXIMUM Time restrictions:
​                                           Early Intermediate:           Age 5-8              4 minutes
                                                           Late Intermediate:            Age 9-11             5 minutes
                                                           Advanced:                          Age 12-14          6 minutes
                                                ​           Young Artist:                     Age 15+               7 minutes
​ *The applicant must be the age indicated within their respective category at the time of the preliminary audition.*


  • Please note the PER PIECE time limitation in each category.  An additional $150 fee applies for each minute of performance that exceeds the time restriction. Performers who exceed the time limitation on the concert must pay the over-limit fee or face disqualification.

  • The participant must enter with a work or works from the standard classical repertoire: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary/21st Century.  Works outside of the standard classical repertoire are welcome as a contrasting or secondary piece only.

  • A second, contrasting, piece is not required but suggested to provide the judge(s) a well-rounded impression of the performer during the Preliminary Auditions. ​

  • Recordings: DVD or YouTube submissions for the Preliminary Round Auditions are welcome. The results for applicants who chose to submit recorded auditions versus a live audition are in no way affected.  

  • Students performing additional movements at the concerts that were not previously approved by the committee will be immediately disqualified. 

  • Students MUST perform the same piece in their respective concert event as the piece they presented to the Judges in their Preliminary Round Audition.  If a change in repertoire request' is approved, the performer must resubmit their application, fee, and a recording of the new piece they wish to perform no later than 2 weeks before the concert event for a Judges evaluation. Students who perform a piece on their concert event that is different from their Preliminary Round Audition piece without consent will be immediately disqualified.  

  • Soloists must perform selections from memory. Chamber ensembles and duet groups may use the score. 

  • All participants must provide 1 copy of original score to judges panel in the Preliminary Auditions.  No copies please at the live auditions will be permitted.  Approved copies (mailed with the application) will be accepted only for those who choose to apply with a recorded Preliminary Round Audition.

  • Vocalists and Instrumentalists must provide their own accompanists for both the Preliminary Round Audition and the concerts.  

  • Appropriate dress for the Preliminary Round Auditions (live or recorded) and all concerts is required.

  • Appropriate cuts to pieces that exceed the time limitation may be made for the Preliminary Round Auditions as well as the concerts.  Please advise with your teacher or feel free to contact NYMC and consult with a committee member.

  • Applicants entering as duet groups or ensembles need to submit only one application and application fee.  Please print names of all performers in the group on the application form.

  • Applicants entering the competition as both a soloist and part of a duet group or ensemble MUST submit separate applications and application fees for each performance category.

  • Application fees and Concerts fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.  In the event of an emergency, concert events will be rescheduled.  

  • Judges decisions are final and can not be appealed.