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About Young Maestro

The Young Maestro International Competition is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is geared towards providing young, gifted, and talented musicians exceptional performance opportunities.  The goal of Young Maestro International is not only to show each performer that they have the ability and potential to share the concert stage with some of their most advanced peers, but also that they are capable of attaining the incredible satisfaction that comes from performance on the concert stage. Young Maestro International recognizes students with various backgrounds in musical education as well as the full spectrum of musical ability. Instrumentalists and vocalists, both solo and chamber, jazz musicians and composers will have the opportunity to perform for some of the most distinguished artists and faculty in the country.

Young Maestro International

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Young Maestro Competition


  • The Young Maestro International Competition consists of two rounds.  

  • Round 1: Preliminary Round of Auditions.  Our panel of Judges adjudicate this round with written commentary and constructive critique that is sent to the performer and teacher for review. Performers pass the Round 1 to move on to one of several Winners Concert in our Live or Virtual Series. 

  • Round 2: Winners Concert Series Round.  In both the Live and Virtual Divisions, this series will consist of a panel of presiding judges that will announce medalists in age category immediately at the conclusion of the concert performances. The Medals that are presented in the Awards Ceremony are: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention.  Additional awards are presented as well in our "Best of" series. 

  • An overall "Grand Prix" Winner may or may not be awarded each season, in each concert of the Winners Concert Series.

  • For our 2024 Season, all Winners will be invited to showcase they performance on our official Young Maestro International YouTube Channel.

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